Team structure


At the heart of our team's efficiency lies the action of the Administrative Board.
Each memeber blends technical experience with business skills. The components are:

Team Leader

Provides leadership and strategic direction and is in charge of the team

Technical Directors (2)

Oversee the three core technical units within our team: Energy, Electronics and Structures.

Sport Director

Takes care of the business aspect of our team and oversees the operartions related to logistics and communication.


The units are divided into:

Structures & Powertrain

cockpit design, choice of eco-sustainable materials and structural validation, designing and manufacturing the propulsion system, design and validate through CFD, propeller manufacturing


creating our hybrid system, power flow optimization, power electronics design, battery system design, digital twin

Electronics & Software

designing and realizing all the on-board and ground hardware and firmware, taking care of sensors, communication, telemetry, and hybrid system control


planning and managing the transports and the events of the team, coordinating the relations with sponsors, taking care of the merch, communication between the units


the visual and digital identity of the team, the website and the social media, presentations and banners for the events and conferences

Administrative Board

Physis Team Leader, Gianluca Casella

Gianluca Casella

Team Leader

Physis Technical Director, Gabriele Defendini

Gabriele Defendini

Technical Director

Physis Technical Director, Alessandro Pajer


Technical Director

Physis Sport Director, Guglielmo Martinelli

Guglielmo Martinelli

Sport Director


Physis Structures Unit Icon

Structures & Powertrain

Physis Structures Unit Head

Edoardo Colombo

Physis Energy Unit Icon


Physis Energy Unit Head

Lorenzo Manigrasso

Physis Electronics & Software Unit Icon

Electronics & Software

Physis Electronics & Software Unit Head

Enrico Alberti

Physis Logistics Unit Icon


Physis Logistics Unit Head

Riccardo Ferretti

Physis Communication Unit Icon


Physis Communication Unit Head

Migena Plenishti