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Polimi Energy Boat

Pysis Boat 2023

About Physis

Polimi Energy Boat

Founded in 2021, Physis PEB is a team of 50+ students from Politecnico di Milano that aims to build a 100% environmentally sustainable racing boat, running for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024.

This prestigious event, held by the Yacht Club De Monaco, will see universities and companies from all around the globe coming together to compete, showcasing cutting-edge technological solutions with regards to the sustainability of the marine sector.


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53 students, 5 units, 1 goal

We are 50+ students, divided into 5 units, with 1 goal: revolutionize the future of sustainable boating.

Knowledge and preparation aren't the only requirements needed to make a good job. Great sense of team spirit and sportsmanship are the keywords for an organised, reliable and award-winning team.


Physis Team Leader, Gianluca Casella

Gianluca Casella

Team Leader

Physis Technical Director, Gabriele Defendini

Gabriele Defendini

Technical Director

Physis Technical Director, Alessandro Pajer


Technical Director

Physis Sport Director, Guglielmo Martinelli

Guglielmo Martinelli

Sport Director

Pysis Boat 2023

The project

Discover more about our project

From design innovation to propulsion system implementation, Physis PEB team researches, analyses, and realises a new concept of sustainable racing boat.

Dive more into our project, where we make a bold step forward in redefining the intersection of cutting-edge technology with sustainable principles, by introducing innovative materials such as basalt fiber, and working with clean resources as hydrogen.

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1-6 July 2024





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