The Competition

MEBC - Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Physis PEB takes part in the MEBC held at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

The event is a yearly international competition that centres around the principles of innovation and sustainability. The participating teams aim to develop new technologies, explore new materials and shape alternative propulsion systems while maintaining cutting-edge performance.

Yacht Club the Monaco
One vs one challenge YCM Spedd challenge YCM

The challenge involves 3 categories: Energy Class, Solar Class and Open Sea.
Our catamaran partakes in the Energy Class, consisting of 3 races:
1. SPEED: 1-vs-1 race, with direct elimination;
2. ENDURANCE: 4-hours-long race, the goal is to make more laps with a 10KWh energy storage;
3. MANOEUVRABILITY: competition determined by completing a course in the shortest possible duration.



Qualifications: 1st place

Endurance: 9th place

Slalom: 2nd place

Championship: 2nd place

Overall: 3rd place - ECO CONCEPTION PRIZE

Pysis MEBC 22 Award



Communication Prize: 3rd place

YCM Spirit Prize

Physis MEBC 23 Innovation Prize