Physis timeline

Polimi Energy Boat

The cooperation between the units results into exploring new technologies, innovative materials, such as basalt fiber, and alternative propulsion and energy systems that reduce the environmental impact while maintaining high-mechanical properties and cutting-edge performance.

The competition, held by the Yacht Club De Monaco, gathers universities and companies from all around the globe coming together to compete with their own boat and their own vision on sustainability, to showcase their best innovations in the marine sector.


  • October

    Team Foundation

    Physis PEB was founded with the aim of taking part in the MEBC with an innovative and sustainable boat.

    Physis Founders
  • December

    First event application

    First application to the Monaco Boat Challenge with our Ione 1.0.

    Physis Ione 1.0


  • July

    MEBC '22

    Qualifications: 1st place

    Endurance: 9th place

    Slalom: 2nd place

    Championship: 2nd place

    Overall: 3rd place

    Physis MEBC 22 award


  • July

    MEBC '23

    Innovation Prize

    Communication Prize: 3rd place

    YCM Spirit Prize

    Physis MEBC 23