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What is Physis PEB?

Physis PEB is the official team of Politecnico di Milano running for Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024. This prestigious event, held by the Yacht Club De Monaco, will see universities and companies from all around the globe coming together to compete, showcasing cutting edge technological solutions with regards to the sustainability of the marine sector.Our team relies on more than 80 passionate students and professors, working on our own concept of hybrid boat, which combines hydrogen, batteries and solar panels.


Physis PEB is the Politecnico di Milano team established in 2021 with the aim of building a 100% environmentally sustainable boat. The team, made up by more than 90 students, aims to launch a real racing boat that can win the most coveted prizes of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.

The competition is organized by the “Monaco Yacht Club” under the guidance and supervision of its president, the highest member of the Monegasque royal family, Prince Alberto II.
The race engage students from all over the world stimulating their brilliance, talent and creativity. The committee evaluates every team boat from every point of view: from performance to design, and of course the eco-sustainability of the projects.

As physis peb we competed for the first time in 2022 and we started it off with astounding result, as we reached third place in the rankings and won one of the most coveted prizes: the Eco-Conception Prize, as we presented the most emission abatement and control-oriented project.

But this is not enough, it’s only the beginning!
The team immediately set to work implementinh improvements, upgrades, and innovations on its IONE and in order to win in 2023 the only position that matters: FIRST!

An ambitious and arduous challenge that has already begun and YOU too could help make it possible.

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To MEBC 2024!