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Camilla Salvagno
Team Leader
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Gabriele Defendini
Technical Director
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Guglielmo Martinelli
Executive Director
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Adolfo di Tomasso
General Director



This department is in charge of hydrogen fuel cell system, energy flows optimization, electronics design, battery fabrication, it is divided in the following sub-dep: Energy management system - Fuel cell ventilation and control - Data modelling - Battery design - Energy system

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Michael Belmonte
Head of Energy
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Lorenzo Boaretto
Head of Powertrain


This department aims at designing and manufacturing the best propulsion system for the boat. Electric outboard, propeller, clamping and steering system contribute to achieve the most efficient and powerful solution


This department is in charge of cockpit design, materials optimization, choice of eco-sustainable materials and structural validation.
It is divided in the following sub-departments:

Materials - Safety - FEM Analysis - Balancing - Cockpit - CAD Modelling - 3D Printing

Alessio Meneghin
Alessio Meneghin
Head of Structures
Marco Califano
Marco Califano
Head of Electronics


This department is in charge of designing, implementing and testing all the on-board and ground electronics. We follow every part of electronic board development, from study to design, from soldering to testing.
We also develop firmware for microcontrollers and software programming for the on-shore telemetry interface.
It is divided in the following sub-departments:

Electronics – Firmware and Software Development – Sensors and Telecommunications


This department is in charge of data analysis, modeling and control systems design, aiming to enhance and complete the work of the other technical teams, in tight cooperation with each one of them.

It is divided in the following sub-dep: Modeling (Vessel's dynamics, energy system, powertrain) - Fuel cell ventilation control - Localization system - Energy consumption optimization

Gianluca Casella
Gianluca Casella
Head of Dynamics & Control
Luca Vacchini
Luca Vacchini
Head of Logistics


The department is responsible for planning, coordinating and managing the transport and the events of the team. We also take care of the relations with sponsors, from the contact until the collaboration keeps going, the portfolio management and program management.


The department takes care of the team's visual & digital identity through the management of social media, the website and with the creation of presentations and banners for the events and conferences in which the team participates every year.

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Claudio Putrone
Head of Comumication